Tennessee Forum Names Rep. Mike Carter Best Overall

The Tennessee Forum released its yearly publication “Best and Worst Legislatures of 2016” on Tuesday, where the organization awarded Rep. Mike Carter best overall in 2016.

The forum citing, “In its 15+ year life, the Tennessee Forum has found few bureaucracies more hostile to the beliefs of the state’s citizens than the Tennessee Municipal League. Carter was disciplined, thorough and relentless. In a brutal Legislative battle, Carter exposed the abuses of forced annexation, showing fellow legislatures that they no longer had to cower to the TML and succeeded in giving taxpayers a say over their own property. The JUDGE followed through on his campaign promises, took on one of the state’s most powerful, abusive, taxpayer funded bureaucracies and won! For that, the Tennessee Forum has named the JUDGE its #1 legislature of the 109th General Assembly.”

Rep. Carter said he was more than grateful to accept this award from the Tennessee Forum for his work fighting annexation. Rep. Carter said, “We won a major victory in the battle of annexation. If you choose to send me back to Nashville, I will continue the fight to give property owners choice across our great state of Tennessee.”


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