Tennessee Federation for Children Endorses Rep Mike Carter

The Tennessee Federation for Children have endorsed Representative Mike Carter calling him “Hamilton County’s conservative voice at the capital!”

On Thursday, The Tennessee Federation for Children sent out a mail piece into District 29 urging voters to vote Representative Mike Carter on August 4th.

When learning of the mail piece, Representative Carter said, “My support for education is consistent and unwavering. If we want to see success in our schools, we must get government out of the way and let teachers teach.

Listing reasons that the voters should vote for Carter included:

Fighting government abuse:  Mike voted against allowing school boards to pay private lobbyists with your tax dollars, and fought against the taxpayer funded TML, a liberal group that disrespects the property rights of Tennesseans.

Protecting education: rejected the influence of taxpayer funded TSBA, a liberal organization that supported Barack Obama’s education agenda for public schools. Supports school choice, putting parents, not government bureaucrats first, and that Representative Carter supported the largest influx of new funding for education in Tennessee’s History, without a tax increase.

Strengthening our economy: Mike co-sponsored and passed the rural economic opportunity act of 2016 to support rural growth, opposed Obamacare expansion, and stood against raising the gas tax to ensure any existing gas tax dollars were actually spent on road improvements.

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