Strays For Carter

DogsFor those of you who have visited the Carter home you noticed the dog beds begin at the side door and continue throughout the house ending at the foot of the bed.

Yes, we are dog lovers; we don’t look for dogs, they seem to find us. Those of you who know my husband might consider him a bit of a bulldog himself, once he has a passion for something he will not let go. But let me tell you, he may hold feet to the fire in Nashville, but let a pair of big brown eyes look up in need of help and he is a puddle of mush.

Meet some more of our family from left to right: Minnie, Edgar and Little Man, strays all. Minnie didn’t have a hair on her and was living in a car wash. She tested positive to everything the vet threw at her, now she is the leader of the pack and has a beautiful black coat.

Edgar, in the middle, showed up at our business unable to use his hind legs, scared and burned. After some TLC, heartworm treatment and time to heal he is the sweetheart of the family He may be a pit bull, but don’t let him know – he thinks he’s a lap dog.

Our Little Man came to us in good shape thanks to a kindly vet and vet tech, but he could not find a home so after months of living in a cage at the vet’s office he came to live with us. He is now a little older and losing his hearing, but it is his gentle snoring from the foot of the bed that calms our spirits and puts us to sleep at night.

So if strays could vote I think it would defiantly be “Strays for Mike Carter”.

Joan Carter

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