Rep. Mike Carter: A Man Of His Word

When Mike Carter first ran for the House, he promised he would work to do away with forced annexation of “we the people’s” property. In many areas of Tennessee, city councils (or similar governing bodies) were annexing individuals’ properties without the people having any input into that decision. The way this worked was that a city council would vote to annex a certain area, and if you lived in that area, all of a sudden, you, as a property owner, were now subject to additional taxes, in many cases with no services provided – for example, garbage service.

After Rep Carter was elected, it became quickly apparent that there was very strong lobbying opposing his efforts to stop forced annexation. Part of that opposition, the powerful lobby, Tennessee Municipal League, made up primarily of City Mayors, fought his efforts every step of the way. After all, doing away with forced annexation would eliminate an easy, fairly quick revenue stream for cities. Think about that: A City Council could decide to annex your property and therefore increase your taxes without you having any input into that decision.
Mike Carter worked like a real representative of the people to get forced annexation eliminated. He kept his word, in spite of tremendous obstacles and potential political backlash. Now he is being challenged because of his stand for “we the people.”
Let’s show our support for Rep Carter at the polls. Thank him for doing what he said he would do and standing for “we the people.” He is a man of his word.
Tommy and Pamper Crangle
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