Rep. Mike Carter Honored By Citizens For Home Rule In Tennessee

Rep. Mike Carter was honored by The Citizens for Home Rule in Tennessee as Legislator of the Year.

John Avery Emison, the president of the organization, traveled from Alamo, Tn., to Ooltewah to make the presentation.
Former state Rep. Bobby Wood said, “Mr. Emison is a very influential and respected voice in Nashville who leads the organization in the fight against overreach in government at every level.

Their goal is to protect the rights of every citizen to live uninterrupted lives and assure them a decision making role in protecting their most valued possessions; their home and property and assuring them a voice in choosing their form of government.
“Mr. Emison cited Rep. Carter’s success in preventing the annexation of homes and property without first a referendum as a monumental and seemingly impossible accomplishment. He also pointed out the stature and influence he has gained in just two terms, for his contribution to a balanced budget without a tax increase while contributing to the ‘rainy day fund’ for future needs. All without an increase in taxes.
“He said Rep. Carter’s past judicial experience, serving with Hamilton County government and on key committees has proven invaluable to the legislative process and to all Tennesseans.”

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