Mike Carter Has A Record Of Caring For His Fellow Citizens

I first met Mike Carter a couple of decades ago when I went to court as a prosecuting witness in criminal charges I had brought against a woman from an adjacent county.

It was then Judge Carter’s first case on the bench, and the defendant was not present. Judge Carter advised me that her attorney had informed him that she was seriously ill with Lupus. He stated he would be receptive to a motion for dismissal from me without prejudice, which I am told means that charges could be refiled later. Of course, I concurred with him.

This experience taught me one thing about Mike Carter’s character: he has compassion. He is a deeply caring human being.

I witnessed that same attribute of Mike Carter during the intervening years, when I witnessed him expressing his condolences to the family of a local fallen firefighter during a roadside dedication ceremony honoring that volunteer firefighter for sacrificing his life for our community.

I could go on and on with countless examples of Mike Carter’s working across the aisle to resolve problems instead of posturing or pontificating.

Additionally, I see him constantly speaking on issues before civic organizations in an effort to rally citizens to support productive solutions he has proposed in the beat interests of the community.

Mike Carter has an extensive record of caring about his fellow citizens. He is hardworking, humble, sincere, and honest.

This endorsement of Mr Carter for reelection was not solicited or coordinated. It is a genuine effort on my part to vouch for the integrity and professionalism of a man who I know personally to have those characteristics.

Mark Regan


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