How Mike Carter Aided The Marines After Terror Attack

Following the cold-blooded murder of four U S Marines and a Navy Sailor by a local cowardly subhuman Islamic Terrorist on 16 July 2015, the citizens of the greater Chattanooga area responded with unparalleled support for the families and comrades of the Fallen Five and for the wounded Marine recruiter and Chattanooga police officer.

The USMC Recruiting Office on Lee Highway received approximately 39 of the 50 plus rounds fired into military recruiting offices at that location on 16 July.

As a retired volunteer for our Marine recruiters, I was tasked with locating a temporary facility where Marine recruiters could interview potential recruits and their families while their office was being repaired.

After initially being turned down by a local “institute of higher learning,” I turned to the one person who I knew would make this happen: Mike Carter, an individual I have known professionally and highly respected for almost 20 years.

I reached Mike about 8 p.m. in Nashville. He told me that he would drive back to Chattanooga first thing in the morning and told me that if I had not heard back from him by noon the next day, to call
him back. Instead, just two hours later that same night, Mike called me and said he had secured a location near the recruiting center for our Marine recruiters to use and we agreed to meet there at 10 the next morning.

Mission accomplished because of the total commitment and dedication of Mike Carter in supporting those who protect us.

In subsequent months, Mike has personally worked toward improving the protection of our recruiters. I will not state details of his continual efforts because I do not want to educate our Islamic Terrorist enemies on what we have done.

Out of respect for the families of the Fallen Five military members, I will not specify the actions Mike has taken on their behalf.

Mike has always emphasized to me that he wants no publicity or recognition for his efforts for our active duty military personnel, their families and our veterans.

This is the Mike Carter I have always known, as a Judge, business man, and state

1. His word is his bond. He does what he says he will do.

2. He possesses unimpeachable integrity. This is important to me based on my 33 years as a federal prosecutor specializing in prosecuting hundreds of corrupt public officials.

3. He walks the walk; his actions speak louder than his words.

4. He embodies the Marine Corps/Navy core values of Honor, Courage and Commitment.

We are blessed to have Mike Carter representing us in Nashville. I am proud to support his reelection.

Semper Fi,
Wayne Rich

Retired U.S. Marine Corps Colonel

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