Legislative Survey

1. Do you support raising the gas tax to pay for roads, bridges, sidewalks and mass transit?
 Yes No
2. Do you support raising the gas tax to pay for parks, bike lanes, trails? Yes No
3. Do you support constitutional amendment banning a state-wide property tax? Yes No

4. Should you have multiple choices for high speed broadband services? Yes No
5. Do you support cities being able to annex citizens against their will? Yes No
6. Do you support citizens who were forcibly annexed having an opportunity to vote by referendum to leave the city? Yes No
7. Should the citizens of Tennessee be held responsible for the debts of a city when it goes bankrupt?
 Yes No
8. Should public schools restrict the use of bathrooms to the sex determined by birth? Yes No
9. Should public schools make a third bathroom available for those students who choose a gender other than their birth? Yes No
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