Rep. Mike Carter…a proven record of conservative leadership on the issues that matter to District 29.

1. Annexation / Property Rights:
From day one, Rep. Mike Carter has been the leading advocate to stop “forced annexation” in our state. Thanks to his leadership and hard work, the 60-year-old law allowing cities to annex property without the consent of property owners has now been repealed.

2. Taxes:
As a successful businessman, Rep. Mike Carter understands what it means to make a payroll and operate within a fixed budget. While working for you in Nashville, Rep. Carter voted with fellow legislators to eliminate the Hall Income Tax and reduce unnecessary franchise and excise taxes so small businesses in our state can grow and create more jobs.

3. Roads and Highways:
Local roads are the backbone of our economy. Rep. Mike Carter understands the importance of having good roads when it comes to driving the growth and development in District 29. This is why he worked to expedite funding for the widening of Apison Pike from Old Lee Highway to Ooltewah-Ringgold Road, and why he continues to advocate for legislation that will require cities to use the state’s gasoline tax on building and maintaining local streets, highways, bridges, and sidewalks.

4. Education:
Rep. Mike Carter believes public education is the most important thing our government can provide children in our state. He also believes everything wrong in public education can be fixed by “Letting Teachers Teach.” This is why Rep. Mike Carter supported the largest increase in funding for public education this year and will continue to fight for legislation that calls for more classroom instruction rather than testing, gives local communities more control over their public schools, and helps school districts recruit and retain the best teachers to educate our children.

5. Jobs and Economy:
Tennessee has built one of the strongest private sector economies in the country by creating an environment where small businesses can thrive. As a result, job growth in our state continued to outpace nearly every other state, and Tennessee’s unemployment rate (4.5 percent) is at it’s lowest point since June 2007. Rep. Mike Carter will work hard to ensure Tennessee maintains the right environment for job creation by keeping taxes low and regulations fair while supporting strategic investments to help the private sector grow.

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