Former Young Republican Leadership Backs Rep. Mike Carter

Representative Mike Carter and the conservative leadership we have in Nashville have provided young Tennesseans like us with opportunities to succeed on every front. We have chosen to start our families, buy our first homes, and build our businesses right here in Hamilton County. These pursuits are much too important to risk sending the wrong person to Nashville.

Rep. Carter will fight to expand broadband internet throughout the rural areas of our state. He is also dedicated to maintaining a business friendly, pro job growth atmosphere in Tennessee.

Most importantly, he is committed to education and letting teachers focus more time on teaching our children.

Mike Carter has shown that he has the fortitude to stand up for property rights, strong family values,
and conservative principles. We trust Rep. Carter to represent millennials and are very proud to throw our full support behind him.


Hamilton County Young Republican Officers

Brian Chaney, Chairman- 2010-2011

Scott Maucere, Chairman– 2011-2012

Michelle Maucere, Secretary/Treasurer – 2011-2012

George Jackson, Chairman – 2012-2013

Elysia Jackson, Secretary – 2012-2013

Jonathan Mason, Chairman – 2013-2015

Dalton Temple, Vice Chairman – 2015-2016

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