Farmers of District 29 Endorse Rep. Mike Carter

As farmers of District 29, we support Mike Carter to be our state representative.



He has walked my farm and talked to me and my wife extensively about the plight of todays family farm. He understands the right of the families to know where their food is produced and under what conditions. Our children and grand children deserve a safe and healthy source of food, produced under the most modern and humane conditions.


During the annexation debate representative carter added a provision dealing with farmers. Did you know that if a city tries to annex your farm, the farmer must specifically consent to being annexed? The majority does not over rule the family farm. We are the only state in the nation where we as family farmers have this protection.


We whole heartedly endorse Rep. Mike Carter’s candidacy for what he has done in the past four years and for what he will continue to do in the future for farmers and all citizens. We ask that you will vote with us on August 4 for the man who listens and cares about us. The man who fights and comes through in Nashville for us.


Farmers for Carter,


Kenneth McCallie, Chairmen of the Group – Birchwood

Greg Vital – Georgetown

James Lee

James Crooks

Hunter Grissith

Aubie Smith

Dot Longley – Collegedale

Eugene McCallie – Harrison

Jim Lovell – Harrison

Bill Hullender – Farm Bureau

Randy Wilhoite – Farm Bureau

Dale Hixson – Harrison

Jeff Bishop – Birchwood

Lynn Roark – Birchwood

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